The Pacific Beach Community Garden has been actively growing organic produce for over thirty five years. The ARC of San Diego had generously allowed the use of their property to the local community, so that nearby residents could have a chance at growing a small garden.

Pathfinder, the new owners and developers,  have plans to start construction in 2016, and will not be continuing our lease. They have pledged support to the PBCG for rebuilding when we finally find a new location.


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There were 55 plots, each 10′ X 20′ with some being divided in half for the newer members. There are also many varieties of fruit trees throughout the property as well as a tool shed and water facilities.

The members paid an annual dues that covered water costs, insurance and trash pickup. A couple of times each year, the garden would buy a load of compost for delivery and/or a load of wood chips to cover the pathways throughout the garden.

Work parties were organized to help cover the general maintenance of the surrounding sidewalks and alleys, ensuring trash cans are orderly and the area swept up, the pathways were weeded and maintained, hoses and water facilities were serviced and maintained and the general aspect of the garden was kept presentable and as an attractive element in the neighborhood.

We were located on Shasta Street in the Crown Point neighborhood of Pacific Beach, CA.